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Awards & Scores

Regional Awards & Scores

NEW! YAGP takes the health of our dancers, their families, teachers, and our judges and staff very seriously. All Awards Ceremonies will be held virtually this season to avoid the health risks for everyone.

  • NEW! The Awards Ceremonies will all be broadcast live, and the date and time will be announced for each location at a later date.
  • The winners in the Classical Ballet and Contemporary/Open Dance categories may be announced either separately or combined. This will be determined at the judges' discretion.
  • For all age divisions, male and female participants will compete separately unless there are less than 6 male participants. In that case, for the purposes of placement male and female participants will be combined, but a separate Best Male Dancer award may be presented at the discretion of the jury.
  • The Grand Prix Award is given for the best overall performance in the Senior age division. The Youth Grand Prix Award is given for the best overall performance in the Junior age division. The Hope Award is given for the best overall performance in the Pre-Competitive Age division. These awards are given to the dancers who, by the consensus of the YAGP jury panel, have exceeded all other dancers in their age division in both the Classical Ballet and Contemporary/Open Dance categories. To be considered for these top awards, participants must perform both a Classical Variation and a Contemporary/Open Solo.
  • The YAGP jury reserves the right not to present all of the announced awards.


The scoring system consists of two elements - artistic and technical - and is evaluated on a 100- point system. Each judge's scores are the average of the technical and artistic marks. The total score is the average of scores given by all judges (there are usually three to five judges at each regional Semi-Final), all from different backgrounds. In addition to providing a numerical score for each participant's performance, judges may offer personal comments on the score sheet to help guide participants in their training. Scoring is adjusted to students' individual technical levels.


NEW! This season, all scoresheets will be done electronically and will be sent after event to the School email or to the Independent participant's email address.


Participants who receive scholarship offers or letters of interest/acceptance following their regional semi-final should follow up directly with the contact information provided from the presenting school. We kindly ask participants to then inform our regional office once any offers have been formally accepted.

Selection for the YAGP Finals (96 is the total score to be eligible for the Finals!)

  • To be eligible to participate in the Finals, dancers must be selected at one of the YAGP Semi-Final events (competitions, auditions or workshops) or must be invited from the Video Preliminary round (available only to international students who are unable to attend a Semi-Final in their country).

  • REGIONAL SEMI-FINALS: To be eligible to participate in the Finals, dancers must receive a total score of 96 or higher for a solo entry in the Classical Ballet category. Additionally, at judges' discretion, individual solo participants who did not receive a total score of 96/100 or higher on their Classical Ballet variation may be invited to the Finals.
PLEASE NOTE: receiving a score of 96/100 or higher in the Contemporary/Open category DOES NOT make a participant eligible to be selected for the Finals.

  • PRELIMINAL VIDEO: to participate to the Finals, the dancers have to be selected by YAGP jury panel based on their preliminary video registration.
  • The registration entry deadline for the preliminary video will be announced. Preferred file format: YouTube link. The videos that required password or required to be download will NOT be accepted. The students which will have access to the final stage, will be informed via the e-mail used for the registration process.
  • Due to the limited space at the YAGP Finals, the participants selected in the regional Semi-Final have the priority to the candidates which applied through video selection. YAGP reserves the right to close the preliminary phase whenever the maximum amount of application for each venue has reached.
  • Ensemble entries are invited to the Finals at the judges' discretion or if received a total score of 96/100. To be eligible for consideration for the invitation by the jury, an Ensemble entry must receive a total score of 96/100 or higher.
  • Receiving 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at a regional Semi-Final does not guarantee selection for the Finals, as these places are awarded relative to the other performances in each category.
Example: If a dancer received the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their category, but did not receive a total score of 96 or higher for their Classical Ballet entry, the dancer is not eligible for the Finals.


Pre-Competitive age division participants are eligible for the Finals if they receive a total score of 96 or higher for any of their solo performances.

PLEASE NOTE: only the pieces that received a total score of 96 or higher are eligible for entry in the Finals. If a Pre-Competitive participant receives the passing score for several solo pieces, they may select a MAXIMUM OF TWO PIECES for the Finals – 1 Classical and 1 Contemporary.


• If selected for the Finals, in order to participate, Junior and Senior dancers MUST register with 1 classical variation and 1 contemporary solo.

• It is strongly suggested that participants register for the Finals with the same variation as the one on the basis of which they were selected for the Finals. However, it is not mandatory; participants may select any other variation from the Classical Repertoire List.

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